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Bullet points of the Kill

May 26th, 2008 · No Comments · Collectibles, Ebay, FleaMarket

Kathy and Bill at Kirby's Mill Pottery


Life felt really comfortable working for ourselves, no bosses and no time clocks. After 14 years running our own pottery and an almost equal number of years in the collectible business we got a little spoiled, I must confess. As it became harder to find things and harder to sell things locally, we had to join the party- the eBay party. Ebay is a yin and yang. We are thankful for eBay’s help with selling our stuff, but there is a big BUT. This brings me to bullet points of the life style kill.

  • Ebay is most of our income…I now have a boss.
  • Ebay is like big brother…the employer with pages of rules.
  • Ebay is democratic…anyone can find out what an item is worth.
  • Ebay gobbles up my time…find, clean, write, photograph, publish, e-mail, wrap, and post.

Yes I know I’m whining. Why don’t I just quit eBay and open our antique store again and do flea markets again? Well today’s buyers want to pay less than something costs on ebay and today’s sellers want to sell stuff at eBay prices. I am that buyer and I am also that seller. Just another catch-22, the dog chasing his own tail. Actually I need eBay for the money, so I’ll take my vitamins, dig around some more in those aging box lots, and dream about the good old days before the internet and eBay. The good old days when when I got up bright and early at 4 AM, drove to the Golden Nugget Antique Market, unloaded my van, and set up my space anticipating the next flashlight beam that came to explore my stuff.

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