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My Favorite Cameras

July 21st, 2008 · No Comments · Art, Ebay, Photography

Our Nikon Coolpix 800 for sell on Ebay

My Favorite Cameras

While helping folks to sell items on the web, I’ve had the opportunity to use a group of cameras. Since most of my photos are taken in a studio environment with lighting, most cameras will do a good job. We sell jewelry which requires the camera to have macro close-up ability. In the early days, Nikon’s Coolpix series allowed sharp photos taken up close enough to see jewelry marks. A camera that satisfied this need was the Nikon Coolpix 800. This camera was great for product photos and was large enough to feel good in my hands. Some of the items we sell are animated. With the point and shoot cameras adding movie capabilities at a reasonable price, I took the leap to the Nikon Coolpix 4600. This camera gave me what the Coolpix 800 gave plus the added function of Quicktime movies. One drawback that became more apparent was the small size of the 4600. I got used to using this size camera but it was always a little awkward. My wife Kathy liked the size of the 800 but wanted more telephoto ability for nature shots than the 800 provided. The search was on for a new camera.

Cost or bang for the buck was important, so I started reading the forums. The forum that helped the most was Digital Photo Review¬†( They have a buyer”s guide that allows you to list your needs. We listed the following needs: close-up, large telephoto, 700,000 pixels, stabilizer, and manual focus. The best bang for the buck was the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8 and it came with a Leica lens, so it was a buy. It is said that the Lumix camera is almost identical to same featured Leica cameras. Well, Kathy has been tickled pink. The Lumix has been all she needed and more. We have been romping around Burlington county on photo expeditions and I was getting jealous of the great photos she was getting… her with her 12x stabilized zoom and me with my with 3x physically small Coolpix 4600. The real killer was a movie she took of a blue Heron slipping across the ice… what a great movie capture. I must have started sulking because a few weeks later Kathy gave me a present… yes, my own Lumix. This is a great camera. The feature I missed the most on a point and shoot was the manual focus. To shoot through glass or tree limbs, you need the manual focus in order to bypass the close objects to get the more distant object focused sharply. This camera has gotten me out the the studio and on the hunt.

List of reasons why the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8 is my favorite camera:

  1. The feel of the camera in my hand.
  2. The option for manual focus
  3. The sharp photos
  4. The cost
  5. The color adjustment graph for my studio fluorescent lamps.   
  6. The image stabilizer.
  7. The 12x zoom
  8. The ability to shoot RAW images 

The more I would ask for, but can’t afford:

  1. Inter-changable lens
  2. Large individual color light sensors

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