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Right Brained Right Eyed “OH MY”

July 14th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Inspiration

Eye to Eye

I’m right brained and right eyed, “OH MY”. How can you tell which side is dominant, your right brain or your left brain, your right eye or your left eye? Yes, one of our eyes is more dominant. The side of the brain that is dominant is the easiest to identify. Are you left handed or right handed? If you’re right handed, you’re left brained. Yes, the left side of your brain operates the right hand and right side of the body. If you use your right hand the most, then you are left brained. I use my left hand the most which means I”m right brained. To tell which of your eyes is most dominant you need to take a little test. The test is best done with two people. Get a large piece of paper and cut a small 1/2 inch circle in the middle of the sheet. The person being tested holds the sheet of paper up at arms length and sights through the hole. The other person stands about 3 feet away on the opposite side of the paper and holds a finger up in front of their face. The tested person lines up the sight hole so they can see the finger of the other person. Next the tested person closes one eye at a time. The eye that can still see the finger is the dominant one. When I close my left eye, I can still see the finger. If I close my right eye, without moving the paper, I can no longer see the finger. This makes me right eyed. Now for the “OH MY” part. The right side of the brain which controls the left hand and the left side the body also controls the left eye. Most folks are right handed and right eyed which makes the left brain dominant. Most left hander”s are also left eyed making the right brain dominant. Since I’m left handed (right brained) and right eyed (left brained) neither brain side is dominant. The “OH MY” is cross brain dominance which equals dyslexia. In some following post I’ll get into this dyslexic life a little more. 

Bill”s words

PS: When we talk to each other, we only look at one eye. Most people, being right eyed, look at the other person’s right eye. Did you ever talk to someone and feel they weren’t looking you in the eye? that they weren’t listening? that you weren”t connecting?  Maybe they were looking at your non-dominant eye… and therefore you were not seeing “eye to eye”.

PS 2: In the early 70”s, a friend recommended Carl Sagan”s book “The Dragons of Eden” which began my investigations into the workings of the right and left sides of the brain. If you find the subject of right and left brain interesting, you might enjoy this book.’

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    I’ve read that handedness and brain dominance don’t always correspond to the same side.
    For example, a person who is left-handed can be left-brain dominant and vice-versa. As for ocular-dominance (eyedness), I believe that it is a better measure of brain-dominance. Seeing that you are right-eyed may highly suggest that are left-brained and being left handed may suggest either hemisphere. Even though you may be left-brained hemisphere( sorry to burst your right-brained bubble), you do display the traits of cross-dominance which in itself is very rare and seemingly important for survival. Even though I have wrote this, this is not everything to explain which hemisphere of your brain is dominant. In fact, being cross-dominant may suggest a lack of hemisphere dominance and, thus, a rare flexibility of brain use, likened to that of the ambidextrous yet different somehow. P.S. Einstein, among other such people were described as being cross-dominant (left-eye/right-hand and right-eye/left-hand) as Einstein was thought to be right-brained yet there is a picture of him writing with his right hand. So, I leave you only more clues, not a conclusion to keep. I hope your continued research will bring you fruitful results, yet objective as the same time for the subjective (and self-centric) have little room in the realm of scientific research. But then again, who am I to talk about objectivity so subjectively? Good luck.

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