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Cut Phone Landline Peace At Last

March 23rd, 2009 · No Comments · HowTo

Belkin ethernet phone for SkypeFor the last two years we have been using Skype for all our long distance calls. This has been a super savings for us. We can call any landline with Skype at a minimal charge. Our landline seems to be only used by salespeople trying to sell us something we do not need. We would get rid of our landline if it wasn’t for the possibility that we may need to dial 911 for help. The nuisance of the landline is overpowering our need for 911. Along with our Skype VOIP phone services, Kathy and I have budget Tracfone cell phone plans that costs $100 a year. Most cell phones have the ability to dial 911 and give your location within 300 feet from where the call is dialed. Could we get by with just using Skype and our cell phones?

For the last two years we’ve also been losing our dialtone on our landline. The upside of that was the joy of not hearing the phone ring all day long. We called in for service to repair the connection, and they said a technician would be out within a week. Before a week was up the line became operational again. This happened several times. The last time we didn’t cancel our appointment. When the technician showed up the line was working. He said that in our location the lines were old and this behavior just happens because of weather changes. So much for a reliable 911 landline. This pushed us over the edge. We cut the line and we are going for it. No more Verizon. No more Verizon bills. We pay for a $30 yearly Skype unlimited plan to call land lines within the United States and Canada. With this Skype plan we also get voicemail. For another $30 a year we get a local landline phone number ┬áso folks can contact us using their landlines. We don’t have our computers online all the time, so we purchased a Belkin desktop phone that connects to Skype through our high-speed internet connection, no computer needed. The Belkin phone has received some mixed reviews, but so far for us it’s doing a great job. This phone still dials out to order pizza and dials long-distance to save those long-distance charges. Voicemail is still set up to answer incoming calls if those telemarketers zone in on our new phone number. When we quit Verizon the agent said they needed our new phone number to cancel the account. Anyway I didn’t have a new number to give her yet, so she said she could still close our account and would mail us our final bill. We are only three weeks into our new phone system with no negatives yet and lovvvving the silence.

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