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The Depth of the Well

June 30th, 2008 · No Comments · Art, Inspiration

Green Face

Green Face

Our Western culture likes the analogies of self discovery that usually involve descriptions of the light at the top of the mountain, the climbing towards, the pushing of the rock. When we were potters we were always striving to make the perfect pot, the masterful pot. A gift that most potters eventually stumble upon is theĀ Japanese tea cup. Strangely enough, this innocent little tea cup can lead one to the paradox of simplicity wrapped around a deep understanding for life. For me, this attempt to understand life, is what art is all about. The Japanese tea cup broke me away from trying to make the bigger more perfect pot. This break also led me to look at Eastern culture for a deeper insight into our humanness than the mountain climb. So when I heard the Eastern analogy describing all people as wells, I was intrigued. The story goes that all people are like wells. We put barriers around our wells for protection. We decorate our wells to fit into a community or to stand out of a community. The tops of our wells display the values we have. We work very hard to keep our well heads beautiful and in agreement with the well heads around us. We work so hard that we have little time to enjoy the water in the well. If we only slowed down and stopped swimming we could relax. We could relax enough to sink more deeply into the well. Could we stay relaxed as we sank deeper and the water got colder? If we could relax enough and sink deep enough, we would eventually discover the deep springs that feed all the wells, the water springs that nourish us all. Whether you are making art or enjoying a found object, just relax and enjoy the springs of life. The peak at the mountain top can only hold one of us, but the springs of the well can nourish us all.

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