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Lake Cotoxen 5 degrees

January 17th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Lake Cotoxen

Lake Cotoxen 5 degrees

This is a Lake Cotoxen sunrise on Saturday morning January 17, 2009. Being on the low side of the dam we rarely get much of a buildup of ice. This is the most ice covered we’ve ever seen this side of the  lake  in our 36 years living here. This buildup happened in just one night.

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  • Dot Gehouskey/Cucinotta

    Hi! For some odd reason I decided to look up Lake Cotoxen which was where I was born and raised. My parents owned Lake Cotoxen and it was the greatest memories growing up there in my life. After my Dad died and my Mom sold the property, it took me a few years to even drive by there. I remember so many great times growing up there. I couldn’t believe that I found the Lake Cotoxen information on the web. I miss the area so, but it doesn’t look anything like it used to. I learned to swim very early in my life, just like my brothers and sister did. I remember diving off the high metal bridge into the tank (that was what we called the water that was on the road side right next to the dam doors that they would open to let the water into the lake) I don’t know if you lived there then because I think they changed the bridge. I am looking for any pictures or items from my childhood at Lake Cotoxen. I’m sure you know the name Gehouskey. Please let me know if you know where I can find some memories. I now live in Cherry Hill.
    Dot Gehouskey

  • sarah

    Hi Dot,
    Don’t know if you’ll see this but I was thinking about childhood memories and I was thinking of a couple of visits my family had to Lake Cotoxen. I could never find out where it was. We went swimming and had picnics. I remember the bridge and people diving off of it. I remember they would get leeches on their bathing suits. We had a couple of incidents there and never went back. My Mother sat on a bench that was built between two trees and it broke. She was pregnant at the time and fortunately she only got a few scrapes. Another incident was playing catch with a tennis type rubber ball in the water and my sister stepping into a hole. My Uncle jumped into the water fully dressed to save her and that was the end of our visits to Lake Cotoxen. I recently went to find it. I found Church Rd and Kirby’s Mill. I don’t remember the mill being there where we had our swimming/picnic outings. As you mentioned if this is the same area, the iron bridge is gone. I couldn’t help but notice that the water was mostly gone too and no sign of a picnic area. On the other side of the road was rowboat rentals. We enjoyed that too. Are my memories correct about the location or am I in the wrong area? I am now 67 years old and I must have been about 8-10 years of age when we visited Lake Cotoxen. I would love to hear your comments. Thanks. Sarah

  • Kathy Lair

    Hi Sarah,
    I’m Kathy… my husband Bill & I are the owners of this blog. Dot’s family used to live next door to us here at Lake Cotoxen. In the summer they ran a family campground on their property where lots of folks came to picnic and swim. From information I can find, various parts of the land around the lake (some of it owned by the Kirby family of Kirby’s Mill which has been here for over 100 years and was a working gristmill up until the 1960’s) was always used for recreation. There was a canoe rental across from the Mill, bath houses behind the Mill, and at one time, even a dance pavilion in the early part of the 1900’s. You are right. Lake Cotoxen is located on Church Road on the side below the dam. The iron bridge collapsed early one morning in the 1970’s when an unsecured bull dozer bounced off the flatbed that was carrying it, crashed into the middle of the bridge and broke it. The horrendous noise woke us up and I called the police so they could come block off the road and prevent any cars from driving into the Lake. The dam was rebuilt for the 3rd time that I know of just a couple of years ago. The water level varies depending on rain and snow amounts but has always been the same since we’ve been here. I think everything just looks bigger to us when we’re kids than when we’re adults. We always swam in the Lake since we moved here. Dragonflies have landed on us but we never got any leeches. There hasn’t been a campground, picnic or swimming area since Dot’s mother sold the property. People do picnic in the area around Kirby’s Mill which is now owned by the Historical Society. There are no tables but people bring blankets. They fish here too. There is a public launch area for canoes and kayaks. Hardly anyone swims here now… just the ducks and Canadian geese.

  • Mike Moora

    Hi Dot,

    I knew you back then. I don’t think I’ve seen you since about 1967.

    I lived in Medford Lakes. I no longer have any ties to NJ, but visited my mother routinely until about 2005. Several of my drives around the area involved stops at Kirby’s Mill and Lake Cotoxen. I remembered you’d lived by the lake, and wondered what had happened to you.

    I remember your red & white Plymouth. Do you remember summer nights in the Pine Barrens with Carol, Benji and I? Fond memories of a simpler time, for sure.

    Would enjoy communicating with you. Reach me at or on Facebook. I live in Anchorage – a true slice of heaven.

    Mike Moora

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