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Harmony remote controls first Mac Mini

June 23rd, 2008 · No Comments · HowTo, HTPC

Remote for Mac Mini

Sadly, my Mac Mini, being the first configuration, doesn’t have a remote control. I don”t want to purchase a new Mac mini which has a remote, but I would like to remotely control my old Mini. There is a solution that is even better than the Apple remote that comes with the new Minis. The folks over at IOspirit designed a super software package called Remote Buddy. This program, when combined with a remote control, works great. The early Minis didn’t come with an infrared receiver so for a remote control I went for a Keyspan Rf Remote which comes with a USB infrared receiver. I found the Keyspan remote for Macs on eBay for only $12. There wasn’t a lot to do to get the remote working to control my Mini. Don”t install the Keyspan drivers, just install Remote Buddy and let Buddy do the set up. Remote Buddy has a small learning curve, but IOspirit has flash video instructions on site and an active forum if more help is needed. Why do you need to control your Mini with a remote? Well playing a movie or a music play list on your TV from the Mini is just too cooool. The remote controlled Mini hooked up to your TV is a fun collaboration. And there is another WOW tool you can add to this setup. A year ago on eBay Harman/Kardon was selling a reconditioned universal remote control (TR 30) for $120. This remote is a version of a Harmony remote series. I picked one up to control my home entertainment systems. It works like a charm… hook the remote to your computer with the provided USB cable, go to Harmony’s web site and enter your entertainment system info and your controller gets all the codes downloaded to computer up to your remote. It works. Yes you guessed it, the Harmony Remote also controls my Mac Mini, TV, and Receiver in harmony with each other. Maybe that”s how the name Harmony Remote came about? Now my old Mac Mini is new again. I hope I can find the time to get back to work on my listings for eBay. Ebay needs my money. Actually I’m the one who needs the money, better get back to listing more treasures.

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