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Lot 68 Findings Altered Art Assemblage Jewelry Charms

Here's a group of vintage findings... little treasures I've accumulated and saved over the past 35 years to use in my art constructions and assemblages. I don't think I'm ever going to use it all even though I love it... so I'm passing some on to you to use in your projects... great for altered art, assemblage, junque art, craft projects, jewelry making, spirit jars, mosaic work, etc.

There are 68 goodies... metal picture frame with stand & cupid picture; plastic trophy says All American Beauty; 8 wooden dominoes 7" long enough to make a bracelet; 3 glass gems with hanging loops; plastic puzzle heart with arrow key chain; plastic stratocaster guitar; 6 triangular rhinestone & metal bead "rondells" (I guess you can't call them that if they're not round); blue plastic leaf charm; 2 black filagree beads with purple stones; 2 curled annodized wire drops; plastic safe door with combination lock; plastic YES record; metal goldtone Pices 2 fish pendant charm; plastic cupid charm from 50's gum machine; Buddha with green gem was once an earring; I love you tablet charm; half of an old Czech glass belt buckle with blue triangles... metal is dark and greenish; 6 mother of pearl circles 1930's sew-on ornaments; 2 amber glass "gems"; metal clock face hands move; metal bumble bee pin with wire wings but no pin shaft; 1930's plastic bird pin; 1930's celluloid bow was a pin but no longer has a back; metal cat face and tail end; plastic 1980's cuckoo clock charm; 1940's political charms... a donkey and an elephant; horse jumps through horse shoe charm; 2 blue glass bell flower beads; gold wire name CARRIE from old pin; winking eye flicker charm; goldtone owl charm; 2 red glass sew-on gems; pink glass loop; Mexican jumping bean with painted face; 3 tiny clothes pins; LOVE 4 Scrabble letters; 2 hot pink heart buttons. Lots of neat things to have fun with!

Price $18.00    Shipping $7.00 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Lot 68 Findings Altered Art Assemblage Jewelry Charms

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