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Wire Wrapped Blue Glass Bead Necklace w Post Earrings

This blue necklace and earring set is made from some unusual glass beads and glass elements that are wrapped with a darkened silvery wire, some with spiral designs, some with a criss-cross design. The flat discs appear to have been cut... they have jagged (but not rough) edges... to appear as if they were found or washed up on the beach somewhere. The blue color seems to be a coating on top of the glass as I've noticed a few chips in it on the flat disc edges and some matt spots where the finish appears to have worn off of high spots on the smooth beads. It still looks neat, very creative... possibly made by a craftsman. Necklace is 30" long with a newer style clasp. Earrings are on posts made for pierced ears. They're 1.75" long. Purchased from an estate sale. Good condition with exceptions noted.

Price $12.00    Shipping $4.00 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Wire Wrapped Blue Glass Bead Necklace w Post Earrings

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