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Huge Art Pottery Clay Sculpture RISD Jackie Rice 1970's

We purchased this wonderful art pottery clay sculpture at a juried show at the University of Pennsylvania sometime in the 1970's. Unfortunately we lost all of our receipts and records of shows we attended in a natural disaster beyond our control. We know the piece was made by someone at or with connections to Rhode Island School of Design. What we can't remember is if it was made by Jacqueline Rice (teacher of pottery at RISD) or someone who studied with her. It's a great piece... made with thick logs of peachy terra cotta color clay with indentations poked by the artist's fingers, inlaid with coils of flattened yellow and blue clay that look like boomerangs. 32.75" high. Approximately 14" x 14" at the base. Very heavy. Unsigned. In excellent condition.

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Huge Art Pottery Clay Sculpture RISD Jackie Rice 1970's

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