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TOLEWARE- SIGNED Floral TOLEWARE Basin Tole Painted Art

Artist signed toleware basin shows excellent craftsmanship in the design, style and painting of these wonderful flowers. They look like Pennsylvania Dutch fantasy pomegranates. Wonderful easy brushstrokes indicate the work of someone who has been painting for a long time. Signed Jean G or maybe that G is a logo of sorts. I don't know. There are a few dents in the metal and wear/pitting to the black paint on the interior, but the painting on the outside is in extremely good condition. Hole in top rim for hanging. Basin is 3-1/4" deep and 10-1/4" in diameter at rim. I think I'd just keepthis one hanging on the wall as a work of art... maybe take it down every once in awhile on holidays to use for something like bread or fruit so it would stay in such good condition forever.

Price $28.00    Shipping $9.99 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

TOLEWARE- SIGNED Floral TOLEWARE Basin Tole Painted Art

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