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Rogers Bros Angel Cherub Pedestal Dish Silver Plate Old

Here is a vintage Rogers & Brothers triple plate pedestal dish which may have been intended to be a fruit stand. The central medallion is an angel or cherub sitting high up in an old fruit tree with his basket picking the fruit... apples, peaches... I'm not sure which. The area under the medallion is hollow. It's surrounded by flower and leaf designs applied to the spiraling petal shaped indents in the dish. Outer edge also has a flower pattern. 4.5" high. 7-5/8" diameter at top. I haven't tried to polish it as everyone seems to have different preferences as to whether an old item should be polished or not so I'll leave that to the new owner. It has darkened with age. Bottom surface of base has a slightly textured feel to it which may mean that the plating is compromised. Purchased from an estate sale.

Price $18.00    Shipping $9.00 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Rogers Bros Angel Cherub Pedestal Dish Silver Plate Old

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