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1 BOB NATALINI Blinking Beetle Art Plastic Necklace-1970s

This incredible, one of a kind, blinking beetle necklace was made by artist-craftsman-entomologist-musician, Bob Natalini. He has been a pioneer in the art jewelry field, developing sophisticated techniques for working with cast resins in combination with metals and other materials and incorporating electronics, lights, movement, sound and music into his pieces.

In this wonderful piece, a jewel-tone irridescent beetle is captured forever inside the clear cast polyester resin. A red LED diode is imbedded in the beetle's back and connected to visable electronic circuitry incorporated as design elements within the piece. The steel gray area at bottom right houses a small battery (round watch type) that causes the LED to blink... like the beetle's heartbeat. Watch our animated photo to see the LED blink on and off! A small opening in the back allows the battery to be pushed out slightly (when not in use) or completely (for changing). 2.25" wide x 1.75" high x 1/2" thick. Matching yellow half capsule shaped beads terminate each end of the silver rattail chain. Necklace, not including beetle part, is 16" long. Unusual, but very functional, clasp. The necklace was made in 1977. It is signed and dated on the back. Some light scratches on back could be buffed out. It is in very good condition.

Bob's work has been shown in many galleries and museums and written about in books on art and jewelry. This necklace has been shown in several museums that we know of: The Philadelphia Art Museum and the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian. This piece is photographed on page 61 of the 1984 book "Art Plastic" by Andrea DiNoto. We have loved owning it. I loved wearing it but I didn't wear it often... we mostly enjoyed it as a piece of art and just looked at it. You will be the center of attention when you wear it! If you wear it to a gathering of artists and/or craftsmen, they will know who made it. A wonderful work of art! You will never see another like it!

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1 BOB NATALINI Blinking Beetle Art Plastic Necklace-1970s

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