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Signed Original Drawing Indian-Peace Pipe-Buffalo Skull

Here is a signed original drawing of a Native American Indian brave holding a long pipe and tobacco pouch, the blanket he is wrapped in turning to mist or curls of smoke, descending to the buffalo skull that lies at his feet. Signed and dated by the artist: K. (Kurt) Brugel 7.30.94. It has been professionally framed. The frame is 21" x 17.5". The drawing is 16" x 12.5". Slight gap between drawing and mat lower right side. Tape over small tear in paper on back of fram. Some black paint chipped off of frame bottom center edge. You can see light preliminary sketch lines in the drawing if you look close. It's in very good condition. Purchased from the original owner to whom this drawing was given.

Price $40.00    Shipping $15.00 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Signed Original Drawing Indian-Peace Pipe-Buffalo Skull

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