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Diana Hunter Goddess Nude Chalkware 1920's Vintage Art

Here's a vintage chalk sculpture of the goddess Diana from the Art Deco and/or flapper era when bobbed hair was all the rage. Diana was the Roman name for the Greek Goddess Artemis, Moon Maiden, goddess of wild animals and the hunt, protector of the wilderness and children, fertility deity. Daughter of Leto (a female Titan) and Zeus (ruler of the gods). Her twin brother was Apollo. Unfortunately the sculpture has some damage. Her left hand is missing. There is no bow and arrow... they were probably made from wood and string or perhaps metal wire. She has a wire armature under the chalk and the hand support is still there although bent downward at the moment. There is a hairline crack around her neck. Her nose, chin and little toe on left foot are chipped. There are spots where the finish is flaking or worn. We bought her in this condition about 30 years ago at an estate sale. I always thought I'd get around to restoring her one day, but I have too many projects and too little room, so I'm passing her along to someone else who may love her "as is" or restore her to her former glory. 8" high x 14" long x 3-5/8" deep.

Price $25.00    Shipping $12.99 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Diana Hunter Goddess Nude Chalkware 1920's Vintage Art

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