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60's Psychedelic Era Signed 17" Groovy Chalk Lady Head

This groovy chalkware lady from the mid-sixties psychedelic era is signed: Richter Artcraft 1965. She measure approximately 17.5" high x 10.5" at the widest point. She's made to be hung on the wall and is hollowed out in back, not solid like some, with an imbedded wire hanger. That great wide-eyed look with starburst lashes was a pop icon during the sixties... it reminds me of the Stangl wig stands and other paper mache vanity items that were made during the same time period. She has a few tiny signs of her age... a spot of black paint loss in neckline, a few pin head sized dots of white in hair, rubbed/worn plaster on back edges near hanger and bottom corner which I mention to be accurate as they are miniscule and don't show but she is really in excellent condition for a 43 year old chalk piece.

Price $60.00    Shipping $14.00 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

60's Psychedelic Era Signed 17" Groovy Chalk Lady Head

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