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1 Jorge Machold Artist 1970 Aquatint Painting Germany Art

This wonderful painting was created by German artist Jorge Machold in 1971. We purchased it from the Golden Door Gallery in New Hope, Pa. sometime in the 70's. We believe they told us it was an aquatint. It looks like a watercolor but we've read that it's very difficult to tell a watercolor from an aquatint. It is framed and measures 21.25" x 20.25". The art measures 13.25" x 12". It is signed with a less legible signature... J M.. '70. The back has a label from the framer: Frame Decor Morristown, NJ. The Roman numeral IV is hand lettered in pencil on the back. It is in very good condition. Machold was born in 1940. He is the author of a book on designing art in plastics called: Plastiken, Materialbilder, Zeichnungen (Plastics - Material Pictures - Designs) He continues to produce art using various materials in his Berlin studio.

Price $250.00    Shipping $30.00 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

1 Jorge Machold Artist  1970 Aquatint Painting Germany Art

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