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Drum Majorette Baton Motion Clock United Works! Vintage

This vintage drum majorette motion clock was made by the United Clock Company of Brooklyn, New York. The clock is working and keeping accurate time. The motion mechanism is also working but the original baton wasn't with it when we purchased it from an estate sale about 25 years ago. Bill has made a good replacement baton that works quite well, turns easily with the mechanism and gives the right look. The clock case is white metal with a golden finish. It's 11.5" high x 9" wide x 4" deep. Back is marked: Pat Pen in the casting. Clock is marked with a patent number for the clock mechanism: 2,140,365 (1938). The golden finish has oxidation/clouding to the surface. We gently buffed some of the high spots with a rouge cloth but didn't want to wear any of the original finish away so the decision of how much to polish or clean will be up to the new owner. The face is in excellent condition. It's a neat old item!

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Price $75.00    Shipping $12.00 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Drum Majorette Baton Motion Clock United Works! Vintage

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