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Lot Mens Vintage Junk Lot Schrader Tire Valves Caps PARR Train Bus Tokens Oldsmobile

Here is a man's transportation themed junk drawer lot of 18 vintage and antique items that were purchased from estate sales over the past 35 years. Most are in good vintage/used condition. Exceptions are noted next to each.

  • ferry ticket - between Philadelphia Market St Wharf & Federal St in Camden. NJ in either direction - reverse reads: Travel and Ship via The Pennsylvania Railroad Company
  • token - Kenosha Motor Coach Lines Inc. Wisconsin - brass - parts are dark or green
  • token - Philadelphia Camden Train Delaware River Bridge Line PTC - steel - a few digs on edge
  • token - Public Service Coordinated Transportation N.J. Thomas U. McCarter President (from 1909 through 1945) with raised images of antique bus on one side and trolley (street car) on the other - copper
  • tin Schrader Valve Insides with 2 insides that appear unused for car, bike, or motorcycle tires - tin shows wear
  • tin with 3 Schrader Universal core valves and 3 core remover tools/caps for car, bike, or motorcycle tires - tools are marked (hard to read): Schrader Universal Valve Patd NY - tin is very worn
  • 5 valve stem caps for car, bike, or motorcycle tires: hex, anodized, Mini, 8 ball, 36
  • 4 unknown items that came with the above caps - tall hex is marked ASA
  • lapel pin - AOPA since 1939 wings - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
  • Oldsmobile car emblem nameplate - petrified foam or adhesive on back
  • red plastic Indy style race car - game piece ?
  • ceramic sneaker pin - Converse All Star logo

Price $18.00    Shipping $4.99 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Lot Mens Vintage Junk Lot Schrader Tire Valves Caps PARR Train Bus Tokens Oldsmobile<br />

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