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Layered WOW Celluloid Icon Medal Photo Case 30s Vintage

Fantastic vintage celluloid case once held a medallion, icon or photo of some sort as evidenced by the dried glue on the burgundy velvet inside. The case is has 2 hinged doors lined with yellow satiny material with a curved black disc closure that clicks shut over a translucent amber button. Bottom is black with an impressed oval logo that might be the outline of a bird and the initials E.C. under the ground line. We'll try to get a picture of that but it might be difficult. The celluloid from which the doors are made is wonderful! It is visually textural with swirls of pale colors: ivory, orange, yellow, and lavender, and covered entirely with a network of white lacy or mesh-like lines. I've rarely seen such great looking celluloid except in the laminated jewelry of Lea Stein. Black back outside has some scratches in the surface but everything else is in very good condition. 3" x 2-3/8" x 3/4". Purchased from an estate sale about 30 years ago. Has been in my collection ever since.

Price $36.00    Shipping $5.00 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Layered WOW Celluloid Icon Medal Photo Case 30s Vintage

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