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Teddy SNOWCROP SWIRL MIXER Cocktail Shaker 1940 Vintage

Here is a Snowcrop Swirl Mixer which was patented in 1940. It is a 4 cup marbled white and clear plastic cocktail shaker with a blue, green, and white label which includes a picture of Teddy Snowcrop the Snowcrop bear. It has a screw on measuring cup lid. The underside is marked: Swirl Mixer, Trademark, Rochow, Rochester, N.Y. Pat. No. 2208431. It measures 9" high x 4.25" at the widest. Deco step down side ridges and small vertical fins at top, bottom and middle. Measuring notations down the side. It shows some light surface scratches if you hold it sideways to the light but they are not very noticeable due to the marbled swirly look of the plastic. The label (which is either a decal or painted silk screen) has missing bits. It looks like little chips of paint missing when I look through a magnifier. It's still a neat piece... useful too. I don't know what a Swirl was... probably made with Snowcrop's orange juice or lemonade... but it would be great for slushy, fruitee, and/or milkshake type drinks... cocktails too.

Price $18.00    Shipping $8.99 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Teddy SNOWCROP SWIRL MIXER Cocktail Shaker 1940 Vintage

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