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Little Jack Horner Childrens Reverse Painted Silhouette

This vintage reverse painted silhouette is a picture of Little Jack Horner, of nursery rhyme fame... the first line of which is also painted in the picture: Little Jack Horner sat in a corner. The frame measures 4-5/8" high x 6.5" wide. The top interior piece of the frame border is missing. If you hang it or sit it, at or below eye level, this isn't noticeable and could always be replaced. Paper on back of frame is old and brittle, separating in some spots from the frame and has some old cloth tape repairs. The silhouette itself is in very good condition. Purchased from an estate sale.

Price $12.00    Shipping $6.99 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Little Jack Horner Childrens Reverse Painted Silhouette

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