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Mad 7 vintage Mad Magazines 1973 +3 Super Specials 13 14 15

Here are 7 vintage Mad magazines from 1973 (just 1 short of the complete set) and 3 Mad Super Specials, numbers 13, 14 and 15 all purchased from an estate sale. They are mostly in good to very good condition... any exceptions are noted next to each issue.

  • Jan No 156 "in this issue 'Fidler Made a Goof!'" - light areas of cover have grayed slightly
  • March No 157 "in this issue we rip off... 'The Planet of the Apes' and it's sequels"
  • April No 158 "in this issue we bust 'The New Centurians'"
  • July No 160
  • Sept No 161 S.S. Poseidon - mag is curled, worn and torn at spine end; inscription in ink on front cover; slight wear to back cover
  • Oct No 162
  • Dec No 163 "MAD is a four-letter word!"
  • Mad Super Special No 13 featuring 3 fold-out pages of Mad Sickie-Stickies... pre-glued perforated stickers - slight imperfect tear between 2 stickers - 96 pages
  • Mad Super Special No 14 featuring 8 Don Martin Vital Message Posters plus 8 Don Martin Art Depreciation Paintings - 112 pages
  • Mad Super Special No 15 Including "The Nostalgic Mad"... a free 10c-type comic book containing an assortment of Mad collectors' items from the '50's!"

Some back covers have great social issue comments & Mad Mini-Posters including:

  • "Mad Salutes the Modern Christmas Spirit" pictures a wreath of money
  • "The Chokes on Us" pictures planet Earth wearing a gas mask
  • Uncle Sam's arm giving the V for Victory sign but both fingers have been cut off.
  • "Keep America Beautiful" pictures Mt Rushmore covered with graffiti
  • "If it were up to the Nixon gang..." pictures a tombstone that reads: In Memory of Freedom of the Press Born 1776 Died 1973.

Price $12.00    Shipping $5.99 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Mad 7 vintage Mad Magazines 1973 +3 Super Specials 13 14 15

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