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Hocking 1930s Deco Kitchen White Red 2 Cup Mixing Bowl

This small Art Deco mixing bowl was made by Hocking Glass. It was purchased from the same estate sale as the 2 larger Vitrock bowls we are offering this week... and it matches them... same style, same color combination, but it isn't quite as white as they are so it may be Vitrock or it might be milk glass.

This bowl holds 2 cups (1/2 pint). It measures 6.5" wide at rim and 3" high. Melon ribbed sides terminate in a scalloped border at top and foot. The rim is flared and rolled which makes it easy to hold when carrying or mixing. It has a fired on red stripe which is slightly lighter in one section. There are some "straw marks" that occurred during the manufacturing (crease lines in the surface caused by the glass being poured into a cold mold) typical of much depression era glassware... they are not cracks. There are a small number of light scratches in bottom interior and 2 pin head sized digs. About half of the rim inside the red line shows wear to the glass surface from where it was held over the years... the surface is more matt there with some light scratches. It's in very good vintage condition otherwise... no cracks, no chips, no repairs. Purchased from an estate sale along with other pieces of Vitrock that we're offering this week.

Price $12.00    Shipping $7.99 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Hocking 1930s Deco Kitchen White Red 2 Cup Mixing Bowl

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