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Butterfly-Golden Bracelet + 3 Pins Claiborne Rhinestone

Here are 4 butterfly jewels, a bracelet and 3 pins:

  • BRACELET - textured gold tone finish with hinged butterflies so you can get it on your wrist easily. Green rhinestone eyes. Butterflies are 2" high. Interior circumference is 7". Some wear to gold tone on back bands of bracelet. Good condition otherwise. Circa 1960's.
  • PIN - huge butterfly with golden metal armature holding wooden wings, amber rhinestone body, yellow rhinestone head. Signed LC for Liz Claiborne. 3-1/8" wingspan. 2-1/8" high. Glue holding wood in wings can be seen along edges and is shiny. Very good condition.
  • PIN - shiny golden finished metal with pearlescent body, black pearlescent and aurora borealis rhinestones. 2-3/8" wingspan. 1.75" high. Very good condition.
  • PIN - shiny silvery finished metal. Back has maker's mark but I can't make it out. 2-3/8" wingspan. 1.75" high. Excellent condition.
All were purchased from various estate sales.

Price $15.00    Shipping $3.99 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Butterfly-Golden Bracelet + 3 Pins Claiborne Rhinestone

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