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Blotters- 2 Blotters Braddock Insurance Medford NJ-Coal Mt Holly

Here are 2 vintage advertising ink blotters from towns in Burlington County, NJ. One is for coal; the other for insurance, with both originating in Pennsylvania.

  • Jeddo-Highland Anthracite-From the heart of favored mountains-Produced at Jeddo, Pennsylvania. Thrifty to buy-Thrifty to burn. With distributor ad from Burlington County Supply & Produce Company, Mount Holly, N.J. Phone 206 & 207... probably puts this back in the 1920's or earlier.
  • Fire-Automobile-Tornado-and other lines... Victory Insurance Company of Philadelphia-Job Braddock-Real Estate and Insurance-Medford, New Jersey, established 1919, Capital $1,000,000.
A small amount of ink on back of Jeddo blotter. A tan partial square mark caused by light, fading, aging from another item stored on top. Some corners on both are ever so slightly bumped with top left corner of Jeddo showing slight surface wrinkles. Braddock is in very good unused condition.

Price $12.00    Shipping $3.00 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Blotters- 2 Blotters Braddock Insurance Medford NJ-Coal Mt Holly

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