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Lucite 20 Giant Lucite Grapes Pearly Peach Red & Amber Vintage

Here are 20 lucite or acrylic balls with attached metal findings for hanging them or wiring them together: 9 translucent red, 10 marbled pearlescent peach, and 1 amber. A smaller version of these balls were used to make those crazy clusters of luminous grapes that were so popular in the late 50's and/or early 60's. You could make your own clusters of grapes with them but they would also be great for Christmas tree ornaments, ornaments at the hem edge of drapes or curtains, maybe hung in the window as sun catchers, shade pulls, or any other artistic project. They are about 1-5/8" in diameter. They have some bits of glue in spots from the metal being glued into the lucite during their making. The red ones have some scratches... noticeable because they are translucent... but they are are in good condition otherwise. Purchased from an estate sale many years ago. They've been sitting in my boxes of goodies waiting for me to use them but I have more treasures than I'm ever going to used in my art constructions so I'm passing some of my accumulation along to you.

Price $15.00    Shipping $10.00 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Lucite 20 Giant Lucite Grapes Pearly Peach Red & Amber Vintage

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