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Linens 24 Vintage Linens Napkins Tea Towels Hankies Many NOS

Here is a lot of 24 vintage linens... an assortment of tea towels, table napkins, hankies, and 1 guest towel purchased from an estate sale. Some are obviously new old stock as they have paper labels. Most seem to have never been used. They are:

  • 5 NOS linen tea towels, 2 with stripes, 2 with carnations, 1 with PA Dutch lady serving food, houses and tulips. The carnations both have paper labels.
  • 1 NOS guest towel yellow with border of brown criss crosses and birds
  • 2 used tea towels with embroidered baskets of flowers, these have yellowing and some small stains
  • 4 yellow linen napkins, unused
  • 6 grey/blue linen napkins with open work and embroidered edges, unused but storage darkened along edges
  • 2 NOS hankies white Irish linen with lace still pinned to pink display paper
  • 1 hanky embroidered with Present from Ireland, used
  • 1 hanky green with openwork and embroidered flowers, used
  • 2 hankies with big fancy crocheted edges, unused

Condition noted next to each item, either NOS, unused, or used. The ones I'm not sure about, I've marked as used. The unused ones are basically in very good condition, although some display yellowing along edges which sometimes happens in drawer storage, but folks who know about vintage linens say that should launder out.

Price $12.00    Shipping $9.00 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Linens 24 Vintage Linens Napkins Tea Towels Hankies Many NOS

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