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Emroidered 1940's Vintage Lingerie Material Butterflies

Here's a length of 1940's vintage lingerie type material. It's soft and silky, shiny on the front. I would say the color is peach, the shade usually found in old undergarments and bed jackets (I think they called it "natural" back then). The embroidery threads are variations on this shade, from a silvery white to a deep rusty orange. Roses and butterflies are the subject. The sides are selvedge edges with 2 blue stripes. The ends are rolled and pressed but not hemmed. One end has most of the embroidery. It's 29" wide x 93" long. It could be used as a wall hanging, a scarf, or a table runner. It was folded and taped shut when I bought it from an estate sale. I guess, since it's a very slippery material, that was to prevent it from coming unfolded. Unfortunately, it has left a mark on the material which you can see as a yellowish stripe to the right of the flowers and butterflies in the main photo. I haven't tried to clean it. I figure that's best left to someone who knows what they're doing. There is also a small yellowish mark at the other end above the single flower... not from tape and not as dark as the tape marks. It's in very good condition otherwise.

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Emroidered 1940's Vintage Lingerie Material Butterflies

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