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Poker Chip Holder and Old Bakelite Roulette Wheel Gambling

Here are 2 vintage gambling, home gaming, games, or toys for adults.

One is a marbled brown plastic poker chip caddy. It's not full but has a lot of plastic chips. There are 2 openings for decks of cards which are dirty down in the bottom. Under the handle is an inset ivory colored disc with big V logo and a knight in armor. It measures 5" high x almost 11.5" long and 4.25" wide. You can see glue around the bases of the handle. It appears to be in good condition.

The second item is a miniature speckled brown & black bakelite roulette wheel and a felt table cover where you can place your bets. They are both in the bottom section of their original box... the top had just about disintegrated and I threw it away. The wheel measures 7.75" in diameter. There's a tiny little ball. The wheel spins smoothly. It has some scratches on the inside wall and dark marks (aluminum oxidation) at the bottoms of the sections where the balls falls. The table cover has two light rusty marks in one corner and creases at the fold lines which could be ironed on low heat.

Price $25.00    Shipping $14.99 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Poker Chip Holder and Old  Bakelite Roulette Wheel Gambling

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