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Sally Shoe Co Vintage Pr Leather Pointy Toe Lace Up Old

Here is a vintage pair of leather shoes with maker's mark inside one: J. Schwarz Texarcana, Texas. Another mark impressed into the sole has a fancy border of ribbons and curlycues that reads: The Sally Shoe Co. and Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. They are also stamped 23/10. These shoes look quite old. They have a wide 2" laminated stack heel; tongue and laces; partially cloth lined interior. They are very narrow. 2-5/8" at widest point. 10" long from toe to heel. They do show wear... inner footbed lining is curled up and needs to be re-glued down. There is creasing in the black leather upper with some surface wear that looks white mostly on left shoe around opening and on left side of opening. Tips are motled brown and black. Surprisingly, the soles show almost no wear so they may have been rarely worn and the wear that can be seen is due to time and aging rather that use. They're definitely unusual. See our other auctions this week for more shoes purchased from this estate.

Price $18.00    Shipping $9.00 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Sally Shoe Co Vintage Pr Leather Pointy Toe Lace Up Old

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