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4 Framed Prints Vintage Revolutionary War Illustrations

Here are 4 framed prints purchased from the estate of a man who participated in Revolutionary War re-enactments. All 4 prints appear to be about the Revolution. They must be illustrations from a book because under a bright light I can see faint type from the other side of the page in the white areas. The style of the pictures would suggest that they were originally made from engravings. Titles are as follows:

  • Young Callender Fighting His Gun - marks under picture on right reads: W H Van Inc. and some numbers. Words in center are not legible.
  • Washington Endeavoring to Rally the Fugitives - mark in picture on left reads: Van Inc. Del. Words on right are not legible.
  • Planting of the Royal Flag on the Ruins of Fort Du Quesne - mark in picture reads: Louderback Hoffman Inc
  • Washington Descending the Ohio - marks under picture on left reads: W H Van Inc. FV. Words on right side are not legible.
Print size is 6.5" x 5". Frame size is 11-3/8" x 9-3/8". Dark red mats with black beveled edge around print. Frames are black with gilding. Backs have screw eyes and picture wire for hanging. I see 2 very small spots of color loss on the frames but all are in very good condition otherwise.

Price $30.00    Shipping $12.99 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

4 Framed Prints Vintage Revolutionary War Illustrations

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