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Florentine 2 Poppy Hazel Atlas Pitcher Depression Glass

This depression glass pitcher was made between 1932 and 1935 by Hazel Atlas in their Florentine No 2 pattern, also called Poppy No 2. It stands 7.5" high. There is a rough feeling spot at the outer point of the elbow in the handle. It coincides with the seam line at that spot. It may be a tiny flake or a rough area in the seam... I can't really be sure. It's in excellent condition otherwise... no chips, cracks or repairs. Purchased from an estate sale.

This is an original piece in one of the original colors produced by Hazel Atlas. The measurements of mold line at the spout and width of handle are consistent with the original. According to my Depression Glass book by Gene Florence book, the reproductions of this pitcher were made in red, dark green and 2 shades of pink... colors that were never made by Hazel Atlas.

Price $25.00    Shipping $14.99 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Florentine 2 Poppy Hazel Atlas Pitcher Depression Glass

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