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Newer Artifact Pins Pre-Columbian Man & Winged Skeleton

Here are 2 pins with an ancient theme, the type made as replicas of an artifact for museum shops.

  • The first appears to be a pre-Columbian man with semi-brushed golden finish. It has an attached loop in the back so could also be worn as a pendant. 2" high. No maker's mark. Excellent condition.
  • The second is a textured skeleton-like creature with shoulder wings and a curved blade-like foot. Antiqued brass surface. Unusual clasp. Pin has a very small amount of movement but it does move enough to work properly. No maker's marks. 2" high. Very good condition.

    Price $12.00    Shipping $3.00 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

    Newer Artifact Pins Pre-Columbian Man & Winged Skeleton

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