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Signed Porcelain Bowl 1970's Vintage Art Pottery

Great looking porcelain art pottery bowl was hand thrown on the potter's wheel and reduction fired. Drips and dips of copper red and cobalt blue glaze. The red is thick and has run down the bowl with wonderful hare's fur effect. It's quite thick at the inside bottom and has crackled a bit from the thickness which you can see if you hold it sideways to the light. It's in extremely good condition otherwise. 3.75" high x 7-3/8" diameter at rim. We purchased back in the 1970's at a craft show or gallery. It's signed on the base with an incised symbol but I don't remember who made it and as all of records of purchases and shows we attended were lost in a natural disaster beyond our control, I no longer have any way to find out.

Price $25.00    Shipping $11.99 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Signed Porcelain Bowl 1970's Vintage Art Pottery

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