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Signed Art Pottery Story Vase Cat Rainbow Train Fantasy

This unique one of a kind artist signed vase has wonderful hand painted images: a fantasy train with tiny cars filled with children, dolls, careening over hills and valleys surrounded by big ladies, fanciful birds, big black cat, under the rainbow, through fields of flowers, crazily growing trees, past a rainbow ferris wheel, through villages, over bridges... perhaps all are fantastic imaginings accessed through the theatre doors at the base of the vase... (my interpretation only :-) 8-3/8" high. Signed in the glaze at bottom edge: H.L. S?ARS (could be Stars or Spars) There's a pin point sized dot of missing purple glaze near the blue rabbit. Inside at the very bottom is a big burst air bubble in the glaze or maybe it was the way it was thrown on the potter's wheel. There is more pot with glaze on in under the bubble so all is glazed. I'm just mentioning it for accuracy of description... it doesn't take away from the pot or affect its function. Very good condition otherwise. Purchased from an estate sale.

Price $25.00    Shipping $9.99 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Signed Art Pottery Story Vase Cat Rainbow Train Fantasy

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