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Lamp- Goebel Red Dog Perfume Lamp with glass eyes

Fantastic Early Goebel Orange Dog Perfume Lamp is made of translucent porcelain and has wonderful glass eyes. Both the dog and his eyes have a warm, magical glow when the light is turned on. He has a circle of holes in the top of his head for the heat of the bulb to escape so that he won't crack. There is a small reservoir on the back of his neck where perfume was placed. The heat of the lamp warmed the perfume and gently spread the desired fragrance into the air. Perfume lamps were popular in the 20's and 30's and came in many shapes and sizes... a forerunner of the air freshener, but infinitely more romantic! This little creature measures 4-1/2" high, 4" at the widest point and 5-1/4" from front to back. The marks on one foot are the broad incised crown, ST256 is incised under the crown and the letter B. is handwritten in black underglaze stain. Dep. is incised on the other foot. Germany is stamped in black stain near that, on the edge. All of the marks can be seen in the photos. The light works. The socket is held in place inside with a little metal arm that goes through the body and is fastened on the outside with a little white knob. The cord has an old style, blimp shaped, in-line bakelite switch. There are a few little flakes in the orange glaze on his right hind thigh (these can be seen in the photos - bottom area is the flakes, top area is reflected light in the photo), one at the base near that and a tiny one at his front right elbow. There is a manufacturing flaw, a little rough spot on the top center of his back where something (a bit of brick) fell into the molten glaze during the firing. There are a couple of little pin holes in the glaze that also occurred in the manufacturing process. These don't take away... just want to let you know they are there. He is a little treasure that could be the perfect highlight in a romantic or exotic boudoir!

Price $350.00    Shipping $12.00 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Lamp- Goebel Red Dog Perfume Lamp with glass eyes

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