Bulls Eye Glass Discs 4" Amberina-Pair 1.5" Multi Color

Here are 3 vintage blown glass bull's eye discs for stained glass or other crafted art objects.

One is 4" diameter with indented rings in amberina range of colors... darker in center going from red-orange, to orange with a yellow outer ring. It has a 1" long rough spot along first ridge past the yellow edge and 3 dark spots contained within the glass itself which occurred during the making.

The other 2 are 1.5" in diameter and are close to being a matched pair although, being handmade, they are different. The designs of white sawtooth lines separating wheels of blue, yellow, red, and green are the same, just a bit different in widths. They'd make a great pair of earrings. They're in excellent condition.

All have been in my collection of great stuff to incorporate into works of art someday... but I seem to have more stuff and less "somedays" so I'm slowly relinquising some of my holdings in the hopes that you will turn them into gold!

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Bulls Eye Glass Discs 4" Amberina-Pair 1.5" Multi Color