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Victorian 32 Buttons Black Glass Scallop Shell Rubber

Here are 32 antique Victorian black buttons. There are 3 sets and 1 pair. 23 are glass. 2 are rubber. 7 are a substance I can't identify... possibly rubber, bakelite or other early resin, horn, vegetable ivory (I don't know what that looks like). They are as follows:

  • Set of 6 black glass with great looking scallop shell pattern. 1/2" diameter. Molded glass shanks. Excellent condition.
  • Set of 17 black glass with a scallop style pattern and molded glass shank. 3/8" diameter. 2 are chipped. All others are in very good condition.
  • Pair of black buttons with woven material designs impressed in the surface. 5/8" diameter. Molded self shanks. Backs are marked: I.R.C.Co. Goodyear. I assume that means they are molded rubber. They are in excellent condition.
  • 7 black buttons with molded or carved circle designs. They have a semi-gloss surface (not as shiny as glass) with cut areas looking grayer and matt finished. 1/2" diameter. One has a break from one carved circle to outer edge. One has a slighter irregular area at the edge which appears to be an extra bit of the material... suggesting they were molded, not carved, or initially molded and then carved. Maybe they are rubber too. Backs are textured. Molded mound shank. Any info you would be willing to share about this material would be greatly appreciated. They are in very good condition with exceptions noted.

All glass and other black buttons listed today came from the same estate sale.

Price 12.00    Shipping 3.00 -Will Ship United States Lower 48 States Only

Victorian 32  Buttons Black Glass Scallop Shell Rubber