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1926-38 Scrapbook NJ VA Shore Miami Steamship PRR Sesquicentennial 198 Postcards

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Here are 2 vintage scrapbooks kept by Mary Driscoll of Philadelphia, which contain: postcards, photographs, maps, cruise ship layouts and cancelled checks for trips, newspaper articles, programs and playbills, ticket stubs, candy labels, a token, ribbons, cards, invitations, and other memories of her life from 1926 through 1938, which included her meeting and shipboard romance with, and subsequent marriage to Arthur Carr of Virginia Beach, in 1933. They traveled to various East Coast seaside resorts and historic sites by train, bus, trolley and steamship. The books make a 3-1/2" thick stack and include:

  • 80 pages plus a small pile of extra items that came loose or had not yet been added.
  • 196 postcards including: the 1926 Sesquicentennial and surrounding Philadelphia sights including the Navy Yard, Wannamaker's, Sears & Roebuck, Fairmount Park; the Delaware River Bridge connecting Phila to Camden; Atlantic City including the Steel Pier, Traymore & Franklin Hotels; Norfolk; Virginia Beach; Miami; Harrisburg; Gettysburg; Valley Forge; Wilmington; Edenton NC; and more.
  • Maps of Virginia Beach; Pennsylvania Railroad Jersey shore routes; ground plan of the Sesquicentennial; Wissahickon Valley Trolley Routes; Atlantic City with key to the Boardwalk Hotels; Delaware River from the Wilson Line's Delaware NJ Ferry Co showing routes across the river and highways along side; Virginia Seashore; Distance between Washington and Norfolk via ship; Norfolk.
  • January 1933 Walnut Street Theater program advertising an upcoming talk by Amelia Earhart.
  • Real photo postcard of storm disaster at Virginia Beach, Aug 23, 1933, (the day before Mary & Arthur's wedding)
  • Cancelled checks and literature from various steamship lines: Norfolk & Washington Steamship Co., Baltimore & Carolina Steamship Co., Eastern Steamship Line; info, pictures, and/or cutaway deck layouts of steamships they traveled on: "District of Columbia", "Mary Weems", "Northland", and "S.S. George Washington".
  • Ribbons and article about DuPont employees celebrate Bastille Day
  • Trolley tickets from Virginia Electric Power Company
  • Other items to numerous to mention.

We purchased these books from an auction about 30 years ago. Both books are unbound although the black hardboard covers are still here and they could be put back together. Pages are in the proper chronological order. There are a few empty spots where something is missing. There are extras that are no longer attached or were removed for re-organizing. Some pages are browned with age. Some pages toward the end may have gotten wet or damp as they are darker. All of the items have been glued to the pages. Most of them are in good to very good condition with Mary's handwritten dates on each.

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1926-38 Scrapbook NJ VA Shore Miami Steamship PRR Sesquicentennial 198 Postcards