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William Spencer Zod Wallop 1st HCDJ Resume Monsters PB

Here are 2 wonderful fantasy science fiction mystery books, strange and humerous tales by William Browning Spencer... both earlier works published in 1995: Zod Wallop and Resume' with Monsters. Kirkus Reviews says "Spencer is a brilliant writer of fantasy who's also a very considerable serious novelist."

Zod Wallop - 1995 First Edition November 1995 (stated). Published by St. Martins Press, New York. Hard cover with dust jacket. Not price clipped. 3 tears on edge of dust jacket... one front top near spine is the longest at 5/8", 2 at back bottom edge. Light wrinkling dust jacket at top spine. All else in extremely good condition.

"Harry Gainsborough wrote and drew a story called Zod Wallop 3 years before his daughter drowned. Raymond Story read Zod Wallop while he was a patient in Harwood Psychiatric. Now the book means everything to him--so much so that he'd like to meet its author and live out its events. In fact, Zod Wallop means so much to him that he has taken great pains to escape the institution and is now journeying to Harry Gainsborough's house with his young wife, Emily in tow. These odd doings alone would be enough to unsettle Harry, but they're compounded by other coincidences. Bizarre coincidences. Occurances that lead Harry to believe that Zod Wallop is actually happening."

Resume' with Monsters - 1995 White Wolf Publishing. Soft cover. Ever so slight wear bottom edge front cover. Extremely good condition otherwise.

"Philip Kenan is battling a series of bad jobs - and the monsters from H. P. Lovecraft's fiction go with him. Philip's first confrontation with the monsters set in motion a bizarre chain of events that finally sent his girlfriend Amelia packing. Now the battle rages from the dank, cramped sweatshop of Philip's former place of employment, Ralph's One-Day Resumes, to the gleaming, deadly corridors of corporate giant Pelidyne. Can he save Amelia this time, or will the monsters triumph and consign all humanity to an existence of grim servitude?"

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William Spencer Zod Wallop 1st HCDJ Resume Monsters PB