Cookbooks 6 30's Cookbooks-Calumet-Olney Can-Cooks Oracle-New England

Here are 6 1930's vintage (or earlier) cook books in the form of soft bound booklets. 4 were advertising for various companies. All were purchased about 20 years ago from an estate sale at an old farmhouse here in Southern New Jersey. They are as follows:

  • The Cook's Oracle - Instituted in the Kitchen of William Kitchiner, M.D. - 59 pages with index and glossary reprinted by Cuisinarts from the book originally printed in 1831. Actually has recipes for haggis and bubble and squeak... eek! Excellent condition.
  • New England Cook Book of fine Old Recipes - Copyright 1936 Culinary Arts Press, Reading, Pa. - 48 pages - 340 Fine Old Recipes 40 Typical Line Cuts Literary Asides - with recipes such as Dinty Moore's Famous Corned Beef and Cabbage; Harwichport Potatoes; Maine Salad; Kennebunk Pickle (A Pioneer Recipe); Jagasee (A Cape Cod Dish); Clam Omelet; Hasty Pudding; Old Hartford Election Cake; Rinktum Tiddy; Bird's Nest Pudding; and more. Some stains on cover and wear on back cover and last page with some edge bits missing... but no loss of recipes.
  • Burt Olney's Soups Salads and Desserts their making and serving from Burt Olney Canning Co. Rose of Sharon Brand from Oneida, N.Y. compliments of A.A. Stokes 163 S Broad St. Woodbury, N.J. Copyright 1910 8th Edition - 32 pages - some pencil marks on the back page. Good condition.
  • What Shall I Cook Today? 124 thrifty, healthful tested recipes from Spry Pure Vegetable Shortening - 48 pages with index - some wear but basically in good condition.
  • The Metropolitan Cook Book from Metropolitan Life Insurance Companies - 64 pages with index and assortment of traditional recipes including Broiled or Creamed Finnan-Haddie; Codfish Balls; Kidney Stew, Parsnip Fritters; English Plum Pudding; Martha Washington Pie; with Sections on invalid cookery and the lunch box - whitish mark upper right front cover. All else in very good condition.
  • Reliable Recipes from Calumet Baking Powder - 84 pages with index, colorful pictures, and many recipes for cakes, pies, cookies, breads, muffins, frosting, puddings, and helpful hints for other items too. Cover and corners are worn but the book is in good condition otherwise.

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Cookbooks 6 30's Cookbooks-Calumet-Olney Can-Cooks Oracle-New England