4 Old 16mm Movies Films Flag Washington Africa Holland

Here are 4 vintage 16mm films. There are also 2 vintage Neumade New York galvanized metal film carrier boxes. Each box holds 2 films. Each film is in its own circular metal case measuring 7.25" in diameter. They are:

  • Rooster Label is marked: Pathe Film Corporation, Laboratories Bound Brook, New Jersey; Subject: Our Flag; Reel: Sound.
  • Castle Film; Washington. Needs to be rewound. Washington is scratched into outside top of film case.
  • Wilds of Africa, M31; Print 71 - 16mm sound. Safety-Non-Flam Film (Cellulose-Acetate) from Walter O. Gutlohn, Inc, 35 West 45th Street, New York, N.Y.
  • Holland Days, Castle Films 16mm. Eastman Kodak logo on case. Holland Days scratched into back of case.

These were purchased from an estate sale. We have no way of viewing the films but they appear to be in good condition with a visual check. We pulled out the leaders to get some of the information. They appear to be old school films, educational entertainment. The carrying boxes have neat metal latch fasteners: washer fits through diagonal slot in latch, latch closes, washer serves as locking device.

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4 Old 16mm Movies Films Flag Washington Africa Holland