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Manuals 13 Ford Owner's Manuals Elecrical Specs 63-79 Original

Here are 13 original booklets from Ford Motor Company spanning years from 1963 to 1979, 2 service booklets and 11 owner's manuals. There are a couple of extra items... Warranty Booklets, Consumer Info page, vehicle ID plate... see individual list below for details. The 2 service manuals are as follows:

  • 1974 Ford Car Service Specifications - extremely good condition
  • 1979 Fairmont Zephyr Electrical & Vaccuum Troubleshooting Manual - huge booklet was folded for smaller storage, bottom page corners are curled, cover is slightly dirty, contents are in very good condition... lots of bright colorful diagrams

The 11 owner's manuals include Thunderbird, Galaxie, Granada, Pinto, and general Ford Line. They are as follows:

  • 1963 Galaxie - cover is missing, regular maintainence coupons have been used so are no longer attached to the booklet... these are half pages. Outer pages have yellowed and have some stains. Inner pages have some (oil) stains along top edge but are in good condition otherwise.
  • 1969 Ford - (no model name) - cover is worn, contents are good
  • 1969 Ford Thunderbird - back cover missing, front cover is detached and dirty with stains, contents have some stains and a few red marker circles around points of interest to former owner. All pages seem to be intact... there are 58 pgs ending with Ford Offices in Canada as do the other booklets.
  • 1970 Ford - (no model name) - cover is worn, contents are good
  • 1972 Ford Galaxie - general for all models with Galaxie 4 Door Hardtop Consumer Information papers stapled into back cover & metal vehicle ID plate stapled into front cover - back cover is slightly grayed, extremely good condition
  • 1972 Ford - (no model name) - front cover is missing some blue color, back cover is grayed, contents are good.
  • 1972 Ford - (no model name) - front cover is dirty with ink stain; back cover is dirty; first few pages are also ink stained (upper right) with all pages having a bluish tint probably from ink transference.
  • 1973 Ford - (no model name) - excellent condition
  • 1975 Ford Pinto - cover & page edges at the thumb point show dirt & some stains, contents are good
  • 1976 Ford Granada in original Berland Motors envelope which is worn and torn but has kept the booklet in excellent condition
  • 1976 Ford Granada - cover is grayed with rubber band remnants on it, contents in very good condition

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    Manuals 13 Ford Owner's Manuals Elecrical Specs 63-79 Original